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Prochain concert

Aya Sekine & The Jazz Party
19.02 in Singapore

Aya Sekine is a Japanese Jazz pianist who has been actively performing worldwide over the past 2 decades. As a performer, she is best known for her soulful and dynamic style of swinging Jazz and improvisations that is heavily influenced by the Bebop and straight-ahead era in the history, but her true uniqueness comes from the versatility to move across different genres of music, and her wide spectrum of collaborations with artists in Singapore and around the world.
Her recent work includes her own trio project “The Jazz Party” featuring the sought after young jazz practitioners Ben Poh (bass) and Ting Wei Yap (drums) at The Esplanade’s Jazz In July program, an audio-visual-movement performance with multi-disciplinary artist AnGie Seah at ArtScience Museum, and a commissioned composition project Pin品 for The Pipa Quartet at SOTA Concert Hall. She composes and performs as a member of Soul/Jazz group L.A.B (Listen And Believe), and a Soundpainting collective Erik Satay & The Kampong Arkestra led by Tim O’Dwyer. She also expands her collaborations to her homeland Japan, where she tours twice a year to improvise with as many artists as she can, at as many venues as possible to expand her capacity of artistic expressions.

Prochain concert

Fendi & Fuze Collective
22.02 in Singapore

Creating musical gratification since 2006, Fuze Collective came together as an experimental initiative to discover pure chemistry between sounds and musicians of different genres. Fronted by Live The Dream 2007 solo category winner, vocalist Fendi , the soulful ensemble had their first performance in June 2006 at the Esplanade’s Late Night Session, The Afro Asian Soul Sounds.
Since then, Fuze Collective has done numerous collaborations with various artistes and DJs; tapping into various musical territories to expand their knowledge and share their love for music with fellow enthusiasts.