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Prochain concert

Dawn Ho
27.10 in Singapore

Made up of seasoned musicians in the Singapore/Asian live music and club scene with an average of 10 years of experience among them, INDIGO is the first band outfit here to offer authentic Brazilian-samba styled music from the 60's, samba funk of the 70’s and also Brazilian electronica.
INDIGO is Dawn Ho on vocal, Munir Alsagoff on guitar, Kaye on saxophone and electronics. Each and every member has showcased his/her talent internationally from Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Beijing), to Italy and Russia. INDIGO is all about the melodies and rhythms blending together bringing about a solid groove with the energy to get people moving. The band's musical influences range from Brazilian greats; Baden Powell, Marcos Valle , Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Gal Costa right up to present stars ;Maria Rita, Ceu ,Sabrina Malheiros , Azymuth and also electronic music producers such as Jeremy Ellis, Atjazz, Jazzanova, Swell Sessions and others to name a few.

Prochain concert

Tropical Excursions feat Yemaya Folklore Band; DJs Kusto & Anand
28.10 in Singapore

Entrance fee: $15

Originating amongst the Yoruba slaves of Cuba in the 19th century, the Santeria religion was a fusion of the West African religions of the slaves as well as Spanish Catholicism. With a myriad of melodic gestures, rhythms, dance movements and praise songs to invoke the oricha or deity, the Yemaya Folklore Group explores the musical rituals of Santeria, in which musicians were responsible for bridging the gap between heaven and earth.

"It's time to let those percussive tropical rhythms take over your limbs & invade your senses. Immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of tunes from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, covering everything from vintage analog boogie, to new electronic & pop music.
This ain't your mom & pop's version of "World Music"! Tropical Temple is all about bringing raw energy and real culture, identity and rhythm of the global dance floor to Singapore. Your humble selectors have only this goal in mind: Expand your musical horizons and get your body moving!"