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Prochain concert

DJ Mike
23.03 in Singapore

First touch on the decks was at age 14, and has never stopped since! A career spanning more than 3 decades in many parts of the world, he is versatile in many genres of music and acutely attuned to the latest trends in the clubbing scene. His prolific career has also seen him performing with several top notch DJs including,Nick Warren and Pail Van Dyk, during his many international stints.
After having traveled and played extensively in clubs all over the world, DJ Mike possesses a healthy knowledge of most genres of club music. His personal forte, however, would still be in House, Top 40s, Retro  and RnB.
Apart from working as a DJ globally, DJ BigMike has worked onboard several cruise liners as a professional Master-of-Ceremony, DJ, and Cruise Director onboard Aisa’s largest Cruise Liner!

Prochain concert

Time Machine
23.03 in Genève

On ne présente plus Time Machine! Avec plus de 700 spectacles à son actif, la formation genevoise est reconnue pour la qualité de ses prestations scéniques, notamment après ses multiples triomphes au Montreux Jazz Festival!
Bien plus qu’un simple groupe de reprises, Time Machine propose un véritable show dynamique, festif et dansant, basé sur les plus grands tubes disco funk et soul des années 70-80. Incontournable!